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Choose your feel with 2 or 3 premium layers of 100% Certified Natural Latex for the healthiest, comfiest, and most supportive sleep possible.

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Guarantees & Warranties

  • 100-Night Comfort Guarantee – If you are not happy with the firmness of your mattress inside 100 nights, we offer a one-time free latex layer exchange to a different firmness! Simply get in touch, we’ll send out a new layer for you to try and help you return the old – all free of charge!
  • 20-Year Warranty – If there is more than a 20mm indentation or ‘sag’ at anytime inside 20 years, or there is any other manufacturing defect that is not a result of improper use, we’ll replace or repair your mattress or a layer within it free of charge!
  • Covers normal domestic use only.

Our Honest Materials

  • Certified Natural Latex from sustainable forests in Vietnam (supplier link:
  • GOTS-certified organic cotton cover with 400GSM of organic wadding made in India
  • Weight capacity: 500kg (250kg per sleeper)

Weight & Dimensions

When it comes to mattresses, density = durability + quality. While most ‘mattresses in a box’ use foam with a density of between 15 – 25kg/m3 (which is lucky to last a couple of years) – our latex ranges from 75 – 85kg/m3! 
Below are the dimensions of each layer, while our quilted cover adds roughly 1-2cm of height and 2kg.
  • Queen Medium: 17.5kg (153 x 204 x 7.5cm)
  • Queen Firm: 20kg (153 x 204 x 7.5cm)
  • King Medium: 21kg (183 x 204 x 7.5cm)
  • King Firm: 23.5kg (183 x 204 x 7.5cm) 

  • Click here to view our Latex Mattress Assembly Instructions & Care


  • For maximum protection, we would highly recommend a mattress cover
  • Always use the mattress with its included covers. To clean, unzip them and hand wash with cold water and mild detergent. Air dry. Can be spot cleaned.

Why Choose Latex?

Durable and Eco-Friendly

With certified Natural Dunlop latex, it's the world's #1 eco-conscious, high-performance material that lasts 20 Years Guaranteed, without harming the environment.


Our Latex layers aren't glued together, so you can rearrange your mattress firmness however you like.

Temperature Balancing

With air-ventilation holes in every layer, heat and air can pass through the mattress without retaining too much heat. Cool in the summer and comfortable in the winter.

Layer Configuration Guide

Go for a 2 layer (16cm) if you generally sleep without pain, mainly sleep on your back/front, or prefer a firm mattress.

Go for a 3 layer (24cm) if you sometimes sleep with pain, sleep on your side, or would like a little extra ‘give’.

Our mattresses contain layers of latex in 2 different firmness levels (‘Medium’ and ‘Firm’), which can be rearranged at home to refine your comfort later. Plus, within 100 nights you can exchange a layer with us or change your height for free. Even our 2 layer mattress has more actual latex in it than almost any traditional “latex” mattress you’ll find in a store!

16cm (2 layers)

(Feels 7 / 10)
(Feels 8 / 10)
Extra Firm
(Feels 9 / 10)

Unless you know you want it firmer, the majority of customers would suit Medium-Firm, with 2 high-quality layers of consistent and supportive latex.

But if you know you like a firm mattress, our 2 layer Firm is a popular option, which can also be rearranged to make it Extra Firm.

24cm (3 layers)

(Feels 6 / 10)
(Feels 7 / 10)
(Feels 8 / 10)

Unless you know you want it firmer, most customers looking for a soft yet supportive mattress would suit our 3 layer Medium. This also means you can move the Firm layer higher for a slightly firmer feel.

But if you like it slightly firmer, go for Medium-Firm, which gives you two layers of firm you can rotate at home, allowing you to easily switch to Firm (or put both Firm layers on top for slightly firmer again)

How It Works

Choose your mattress

Don't worry, you can always change to another option for FREE within 100 nights

Arrange your layers

Place each layer inside the zippered cover (we suggest trying each configuration for 1 week)

Sleep happy for 20+ years

Forget about replacing your mattress after 2-5 years - your new mattress will never sag!

Certified, Eco-Friendly Materials

Natural Latex

Pure and consistent 7.5cm layers of 100% Certified Natural Dunlop Latex sapped straight from the trees in the sustainable forests of Vietnam.

Organic Cotton Cover

Made from 100% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton in India, including 400GSM of wadding and a breathable bottom canvas for the highest-quality sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions


A latex mattress does not have any springs or coils in it. Unlike an innerspring mattress, a natural latex mattress is made out of one type of material: latex. This material is a natural product that comes from the sap of the rubber tree. This milky sap is eco-consciously processed into the mattress layers.

  • It returns to its original shape almost immediately – compared to synthetic latex and standard foams, the unique material of organic latex means that once pressure is removed it remains its shape, giving you full body-contoured support the moment you move, without creating pain-points or letting you sink into your mattress. This means that latex can help alleviate aches and pains with the correct alignment support.
  • Latex retains its shape for 20 years, where other foams will start to significantly lose softness and support after just a few months or years. 
  • Natural Latex is inherently resistant to moisture, mould, mildew, and dust mites and can mean a much healthier and allergy-free sleep. Further, contrary to what some believe, the particularly open-cell structure allowed by the quality of natural latex promotes great air-ventilation – the best defence against ‘sleeping-hot’ and ensuring your mattress does not retain heat from your body
On average, pure 100% latex mattress are in general more expensive than a standard innerspring mattress. This can be due to its extensive ethical sourcing methods – but since the material is significantly more durable (for 20 years guaranteed), it holds far more benefits over a longer period of time than your standard mattress which may need to be replaced.

You may have seen a couple changes to our range recently, with Organic Latex no longer available (only in our remaining King Mattress size) and Natural Latex as our standard range. Due to COVID delays and the worldwide restricted supply, we are unable to source any further Organic Latex Mattresses. 

The good news is…

Natural Latex and Organic Latex are essentially exactly the same in terms of durability, support and quality, with the same Warranty & Guarantee for 20 years. The only difference is that Organic Latex goes through slightly more of a rigorous Eco-Certifications process, and therefore has a premium price. Natural Latex is still sustainably-sourced and healthy, but offers a cheaper price tag along with it too.

We hope to be back on track with Organic Latex in the coming year!

  • For 2-layer mattresses, unless you know you want a firmer mattress, the majority of customers would suit a Medium (2 layers of Medium). Due to the quality of our natural latex, this provides a great balance of a soft feel but generous support (with 15cm of latex!). However, if you know you like firm, go with a Medium-Firm – and you then also have the option to flip the layers it if it still not firm enough. In particular, back or front-sleepers and heavier people may suit a firmer mattress. 
    * Note: You can request Firm/Firm, but we strongly recommend trying in-store first.
  • For 3-layer mattresses, the options can go softer, while still providing full support. This allows for even greater ‘give’ in the mattress for a more-luxurious feel with more support (22.5cm of pure latex) than it’s 2-layer equivalent. This is especially true in softer mattresses, where the extra layer allows for a more gradual and supportive change from firm at the bottom to the softer comfort layers at the top. * Note: We don’t recommend 3 layers of Firm.
  • However… Comparing standard foam or spring mattresses to the feel of latex is difficult. Your old mattress may have developed a ‘sinking-in’ feeling compared to the quality, spring and bounce of our natural latex – so some may find it feels a little too firm to begin with – while our latex is also much more durable, providing consistent support for 20+ years.
  • If you like firmer mattresses, generally sleep without pain, or on a tighter budget; go for a 2-layer.
  • If you like softer mattresses, have some back or hip pain, or prefer a plusher, ‘luxury-feel’; go for a 3-layer

Can I adjust the firmness later?

Yes! The layers are not glued together meaning you can unzip the cover and rearrange the layers. However, for the most part it is only possible to make your mattress firmer, but not softer – another reason we recommend choosing a slightly softer mattress if you’re not sure. If at first you don’t like the firmness of your mattress, we would recommend sleeping on it for at least 10 nights to really get a feel for it and let your body adjust from your old mattress, before rearranging the layers.

All natural/organic latex comes with an odour of some strength, but ours is very low and dissipates over time – generally a week or 2 and it would almost be gone. Most people don’t notice it at all. Our odour is graded at 2.5 out of 6, which is between these 2 grades:

  • 2 perceptible, not bothering
  • 3 clearly perceptible, not bothering
Read more about our eco-INSTITUT certification information here

Other mattress materials, such as cotton and foam blends, can sometimes trap heat because it lacks proper air ventilation so it can feel hotter for some people sleeping at night.

Because Latex is quite durable, some synthetic latex mattresses will trap heat (because a lot are made with some composite layers). The good news is, with our pure latex, we have designed them with air ventilation holes in every layer – this allows for body temperature regulating, and helps to prevent heat being trapped within the mattress while you sleep. 

The open-cell structure allows Natural Latex to dissipate heat build-up during the night, away from the sleeping surface.

When it comes to mattresses, density = durability (and quality). While most “mattresses in a box” use foam with a density of between 15-20kg/m3 (which is lucky to last a couple of years) – our latex ranges from 75 to 85kg/m3!

Below is each individual layer:

  • Queen Medium: 17.5-19kg (153 x 204cm)
  • Queen Firm: 20-21.5kg (153 x 204cm)
  • King Medium: 21-22.5kg (183 x 204cm)
  • King Firm: 23.5-25kg (183 x 204cm)

This weight includes the 1.5kg Organic Cotton Mattress Cover, included with all mattress orders.

  • 2-Layer System = 15cm of 100% Latex
  • 3-Layer System = 22.5cm of 100% Latex

At the moment, yes. We have only recently introduced this new design of 100% pure, organic Latex mattresses, and so we only have materials + stock as a King or Queen size.

Not to worry, we’re working hard to try and introduce a range of new sizes. It’s still a little while away, but if you’d like to be kept in the loop and whether we proceed, please email us at [email protected] and you’ll be on our list to be notified first!

In short, yes!

Our pure Latex mattress layers are designed to be supportive, durable and comfortable – making them slightly more heavy-duty than other mattresses. But, we offer our mattresses in a simple 2 or 3 layer system, so you can add your layers one by one (making this much easier to manage, than one full spring mattress!).

When you receive your Latex Mattress layers, they arrive in a vacuum-sealed package which is easily transportable. Lay out your Organic Cotton Mattress Cover first, then you can open, and lay out each layer to suit your desired firmness – the final step is to zip them up!

  • Click here to view our Latex Mattress Assembly Instructions + Care

Our latex from Vietnam is certified by ECO-institut (Germany) as 100% natural botanical latex with no added petroleum-based or synthetic latex, also meeting strict standards for pollutants and harmful emissions. This ensures there are no additives in our latex that could damage the quality, consistency or healthiness of your mattress. Our latex has also passed stringent durability tests, which is one of the reasons we can offer a market-leading 20-year warranty. Further, our latex uses the ‘Dunlop’ method of production due to its lower environmental footprint and durability advantages over the ‘Talalay’ method.

  • Quality tested by eco-INSTITUT® (Germany) for containing 100% natural latex rubber free of harmful pollutants and emissions
  • Naturally hypoallergenic that repels dust mites, mould and mildew to fight allergies
  • Durability tested (scoring 100/100) for little resilience or firmness-loss after 30,000 load cycles of 140kg (TUV EN 1957-2012 tested in Netherlands)
  • Additionally, our supplier uses bio-fuel for electricity and has an all-round clean production process (as certified by ISO 14001:2015).

See below for our Density (D) and Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) ratings for each layer. You may be able to compare these figures to other latex mattresses you have seen, in shops or online:

  • Medium Dunlop Latex – D75 – ILD 18-25
  • Firm Dunlop Latex – D85 – ILD 26-3

Backed by over 30 years' experience

Quokka Beds has been manufacturing bedroom furniture in Perth, Australia for over 30 years with extremely positive feedback. Formerly called Brett’s Beds + Futons, many of Brett’s customers have come back 10 and 20 years later just to say their mattress feels as good as new, and their base is still looking great. Quokka Beds brings true, hands-on experience right to your doorstep. Read more below…

Latex Mattress

18 reviews

Quokka Beds (All)

190 reviews
Brett D. Avatar
Brett D.
27/04/20 - ProductReview

Excellent product and service! We had intended to update our traditional futon mattress, but after trying the medium-firm all latex (3 layer) product decided to go with with that instead. We prefer a mattress that is on the firm side, so the adjustment time was one sleep! We are extremely happy that we changed our mind and went with the latex choice. The showroom is small and on two levels and, more importantly, the service was excellent with no pressure - only helpful advice and useful information. Because we picked up the mattress ourselves we saved $100 that otherwise would have been a delivery fee. We genuinely highly recommend the product and Quokka Beds as the supplier.

Danny Avatar
04/10/19 - ProductReview

Real honest quality latex mattresses - doesn't get better!! We bought a King 3-layer 100% latex mattress (medium) 2 months ago and we're absolutely loving it. We've both had bad backs from using spring mattresses and after a few messages with the people at Quokka, we decided on the Medium firmness option - where we also knew we had the option of moving the layers around to make it firmer if need be! But after a couple days, we couldn't decide if it was too firm or too soft for us - so we kept it how it is!! Our back pain has slowly faded to nothing and we definitely can't see any sags or bumps at all - and really don't expect it to. The huge 20-year warranty is reassuring too. And we both love how it uses all natural and sustainable ingredients - pure latex, nothing else!! Our dream mattress at a good price. Thank you

Corinne Avatar
11/10/20 - ProductReview

Do yourself a favour... seriously. In short I would say to anyone who wants to buy a good mattress: “Buy a good latex.” There is nothing which can beat the comfort and support a good latex mattress.
We have gone through 4 expensive mattresses in the past 2 years.
We tried all possible mattresses and bed bases. I have tried many different mattresses over the years: from super swiss flex, the ultimate backcare, orthopaedic, posturepedic, chiropractic, slumber snooze, super visco memory foam this and that, plush, posh, here and there everywhere. You never get what you pay for especially over the $3000 mark. I would love to go more into detail about the issues we had. You name it we had it. Alas this is not a review of those mattresses. In short: I won’t go near them anymore, only when I absolutely have to or when I don’t have a choice. I know it sounds unbelievable and somehow I still have to come to terms with it myself, please read on.

There is no whatever foam with or without whatever springs which can beat a good quality latex mattress
Before I continue raving about latex, to drive my point home even more I woke up with unbearable neck pains every morning. Every time we bought a new mattress the pain went away until the mattress began to sag slightly which was often within a month. You tell yourself all kinds of things, that you need to get used to it or it can’t be the mattress or.... I have become very good in finding causes. The proof is in the pudding...uh I mean mattress.

The simple reason is that foam (yes including memory foam) does not provide the support and comfort a latex mattress can provide.
Foam and other fillings used in general mattresses sag. This problem is most often shuffled under the carpet by mattress sales people. What’s the deal you ask? Sagging means no more support even when it is 10mm.
Yes springs won’t sag easily but the foam on top will, so you will start feeling the springs. Latex on top of foam might be better, but it’s wasting this precious good material as a solid latex is much better.
Latex wears out eventually, this takes centuries compared to milliseconds of sagging in the cheap foam and fillings used in most mattresses.
Latex does not consist of individual springs which could differ slightly in compression, which makes you feel the individual springs. Like you are laying on a bag of potatoes. No springs can compare or beat the even and smooth springiness of latex. It simply is not replicable.
Latex is just out of one piece, very simple. However latex can be layered to accomodate different preferences from soft to medium and firm.
If you like to know more:

To my opinion latex gives it’s optimum benefit when there is at least 15 cm of it.
Combinations of latex and foam or springs, I think is a waste of the latex, it won’t be able to give off it’s full benefit.
At quokka mattress you will get just that: only latex and a damn good quality.
I don’t have anymore of those nasty neck pains. Another issue we had was that my husband always had other preferences than me. This problem is solved for the first time in many years. My husband and I are super happy with our quokka mattress.

Amber Avatar
31/01/17 - ProductReview

Great mattress for allergy sufferers Great service making mattresses for our kid's bunk beds. Custom sizes mean they fit perfectly and the beds are easy to make. Fast delivery and helpful advice.

Ella Avatar
02/04/19 - ProductReview

Best mattress I've ever had! We bought a queen latex mattress (firm) a year ago, and I can honestly say it's the most comfortable mattress I've ever owned. We ordered it at a busy time of year so there was a 2 week wait, but from the day we brought it home we both loved it. We both have bad backs and have had no back pain whilst sleeping since buying it...even during pregnancy I felt fully supported and never had an ache. I also love that it's natural latex covered in a layer of wool and then cotton. Not organic, but certainly a lot better than most mattresses on the market!
I was a bit surprised that the cotton fabric covering it is so thin; the futon we previously owned had a really heavy calico which I did prefer. But with a good mattress protector (we use a huge wool blanket) we've not had any issues. I would definitely recommend Brett's as the best place in Perth to buy a mattress.

Joe and Sophie Avatar
Joe and Sophie
17/01/18 - ProductReview

Buyer beware We've been futon users for many, many years and purchased futons from Queensland and WA. We chose to purchase from Bretts to use a local supplier in preference to interstate. The queen size latex core futon we purchased is genuinely the worst quality futon (and most expensive) that we've ever purchased. The cotton cover is not what's pictured on the website - it's a much lighter weight fabric, tears easily, and the cotton stuffing is uneven and "lumpy" and hasn't settled after several months' use. We're not fussy people - we just know what a futon is supposed to look like. Bretts futons clearly trades on the basis that many folks are only familiar with the foam chip futons sold as sofa beds and not good genuine futons. When we politely pointed out the inferior quality of the mattress & that it was smaller than the standard queen size, the owner & manager became quite irate with us, immediately deflecting the situation back onto us as though we were the problem. I guess he thinks attack is a good form of defence. No apology was ever offered, no replacement mattress offered, and nor was any kind of refund/discount offered. The man seemed to become more and more heated as time went on.
We were stung well and good and will never, ever use this business again nor recommend it to anyone. Ever.
We have had to replace the futon we purchased from Bretts with a better made futon from elsewhere. All in all it was an expensive and hard lesson.

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If you’re wanting to keep your product for 10, 20 or 30 years, trust the business that’s been around for longer!

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But don't worry - both covers provide an equally premium, healthy barrier to your body (using 100% GOTS-certified cotton) - while not impacting the feel of the supportive and durable latex inside. Your cover can always be replaced at a later date too.

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