Cot Mattress

Our 2-sided firm and medium Cot Mattress is 100% Certified Organic for a safe, long and happy sleep for your baby from 0-4 years old.

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Most Australian cots are designed for a mattress like ours (69 x 130cm). However, safety regulations specify a cot can be up to 4cm wider and longer than the mattress, or with our cot mattress, up to a maximum of 73 x 134cm (e.g. IKEA cots are suitable for our mattress because they measure 70 x 132cm). Larger cots means the gap around the mattress can be a suffocation or injury risk. There must also be at least 50cm from the top of our mattress (which is 10cm tall) to the top of the cot.

If there are any issues or defects with the products that were not a result of improper use, we will replace your cot mattress free of charge!
*Covers normal domestic use only

If you are not happy with the cot mattress inside 100 nights, we offer a full refund minus the delivery fee. 

Delivery fee is capped at $100 (if the delivery cost is more than $100, we will pay the difference!) 

Perth Delivery: For deliveries within 1 hour of Perth, we use a local delivery driver, who usually heads out on Saturday’s from 10.00am until early afternoon. An alternate day can be arranged.

Perth Pickup: You can opt to collect your order from our warehouse in Wangara for $60 off. Collection is simple and easy, we’ll notify you when it is ready and you can pick up during the following hours to ensure a staff member is available:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10am to 4pm

Guarantees & Warranties

  • 100-Night Comfort Guarantee – For complete peace of mind, if you are not happy with your cot mattress inside 100 nights, we offer a full refund minus the delivery fee capped at $100 for metro areas
  • 10-Year Warranty – If there is more than a 10mm indentation or ‘sag’ at anytime inside 10 years, or there is any other manufacturing defect that is not a result of improper use, we’ll replace or repair your cot mattress free of charge! Covers normal domestic use only
  • Cot Requirements – Most Australian cots are designed for a mattress like ours (69 x 130cm). However, safety regulations specify a cot can be up to 4cm wider and longer than the mattress, or with our cot mattress, up to a maximum of 73 x 134cm (e.g. IKEA cots are suitable for our mattress because they measure 70 x 132cm). Larger cots means the gap around the mattress can be a suffocation or injury risk. There must also be at least 50cm from the top of our mattress (which is 10cm tall) to the top of the cot.

Our Honest Materials

  • GOTS-certified organic cotton cover with 500GSM of organic wadding made in India(supplier link:
  • Certified Natural and Organic Latex from sustainable forests in Sri Lanka (supplier link:
  • Certified Natural and Organic Rubberised Coir processed in India (supplier link:
  • Certified Natural and Organic wool processed in India (supplier link:

Weight & Dimensions

Our cot mattress is an Australian standard size which is 69cm x 130cm x 10cm with an approximate weight of 8KG. 
Care Instructions 
  • For maximum protection, we highly recommend using the complementary waterproof mattress cover
  • To clean cot mattress, spot clean with cold water and mild detergent. Air dry.

The No. 1 Eco-Conscious Choice For Your Little One

Designed for safe sleeping and peace of mind knowing your child is sleeping on non toxic, 100% natural and organic materials


With a FIRM and MEDIUM side, the mattress is suitable for both infant and older toddlers.
It complies with AS/NZS Voluntary Standard for cot mattresses so you know your little one will sleep as safely as possible


Due to the durable composition of organic latex and rubbarised coir, the mattress won't sag or loose it's shape for at least 10 years guaranteed.


Made only with 100% organic latex and rubberised coir (coconut fibre), it's completely organic, natural and 100% recyclable. It's also naturally germ free, dust resistant, antibacterial, dust mite and bed bugs resistant


Your little one will sleep safe and comfortable as the composition of the 100% natural materials makes it extremely airy and temperature controlling.

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Certified, Eco-Friendly Materials

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Organic Rubberised Coir

Made from 100% GOTS-Certified Organic Coconut fibres providing a firmness level with 80 density perfect for your newborn. Well inside safety standards, this side of the mattress will feel like a rock.

Rubberised Coir (Firm, 5cm): For infants up to approx. 12 months old

Organic Latex

Pure and consistent 100% Certified Organic Dunlop Latex sapped straight from the trees in the sustainable forests of Sri Lanka. Once you know it is safe, flip the mattress over and give them a little extra luxury comfort with our Medium latex side (although still very firm for a baby's weight).

Latex (Medium, 3.75cm): For a little extra comfort when it is safe to flip to a softer mattress

Organic Wool

100% GOTS Certified organic fabric quilted with 500GSM Certified Organic Wool, designed for warmth and comfort wrapped around the two internal layers.

Wool Quilting Fill (500gsm): For a comfortable, fire-retardant, healthy outer coating

Organic Cotton

Your waterproof mattress protector as well as they outer layer of your cot mattress are made from 100% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton for the healthiest barrier for your child.

Cotton Mattress Protector (280gsm): For baby-proof protection for your cot mattress

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t hide behind technical lingo – we simply use the highest-quality, most-trusted natural materials available on the worldwide market today. Beyond our many eco-accreditations, importantly, all our main materials are 100% sustainably-sourced – meaning there are no lasting effects on the environment.

See below for our most commonly asked questions about our cot mattress!

Cot Mattress: 69cm x 130cm x 10cm 

Cot Mattress Protector: 69cm x 130cm 

For Cot Mattress: 

                External                                                                                         Internal 

———————————-         —————————————————————————————————————-

Made with 100% organic and natural latex, rubberised coir (coconut fibre), wool, and cotton. All of the materials used are germ free, dust resistant, antibacterial, dust mite, and bed bugs resistant

External Material Specifications – Mattress Cover 

Certified organic cotton cover with organic wool filling
Fabric: 260GSM, Beige Quilting: 500GSM organic wool, top fabric design 10.5cm squares, side border design 8cm squares Tape Edge: Beige, top and bottom edging

Internal Construction Specifications – Organic Wool, Organic Coir, Organic Latex 

Certified Organic Wool: 1.5cm wrapping both the latex and coir sheets 
Organic Latex Foam Sheet: 70 Density, H 3.75cm 
Organic Rubberised Coir Sheet: 80 Density, H 5cm 

For Cot Mattress Protector:

GOTS certified 100% organic cotton with four corner elastic and the border tape edge and 280GSM 
Also included is a non-toxic, biodegradable TPU coating to make the mattress protector waterproof 

When initially opened, the cot mattress will have an organic wool smell but this will dissipate over one or two days. Organic latex does also have a natural odour but will also dissipate over a few days. 

This is no area of concern and is because of the use of organic materials and is not linked to toxicity or VOC. 

With a FIRM and a MEDIUM side, the mattress can be used all the way from infant stage to older toddlers.

The FIRM side is designed for infants under the age of 1 

The MEDIUM side is designed for toddlers up to the age of 4

The mattress protector can be washed normally in a washing machine or by hand. Machine wash cold and tumble dry low. 

 The cot mattress does not have a removable cover so it cannot be washed separately. We recommend only spot clean with a small amount of mild detergent and warm water. Wipe away the excess with a towel. It is important to ensure that the whole mattress is dry before  Using a hand-held blow dryer for fast dry time. Elevate the area with a platform beneath it to ensure air ventilation can move through if necessary.

Backed by over 30 years of experience

Quokka Beds has been manufacturing bedroom furniture in Perth, Australia for over 30 years with extremely positive feedback. Formerly called Brett’s Beds + Futons, many of Brett’s customers have come back 10 and 20 years later just to say their mattress feels as good as new, and their base is still looking great. Quokka Beds brings true, hands-on experience right to your doorstep. Read more below…

Latex Mattress

34 reviews

Quokka Beds (All)

225 reviews
Danny Avatar
04/10/19 - ProductReview

Real honest quality latex mattresses - doesn't get better!! We bought a King 3-layer 100% latex mattress (medium) 2 months ago and we're absolutely loving it. We've both had bad backs from using spring mattresses and after a few messages with the people at Quokka, we decided on the Medium firmness option - where we also knew we had the option of moving the layers around to make it firmer if need be! But after a couple days, we couldn't decide if it was too firm or too soft for us - so we kept it how it is!! Our back pain has slowly faded to nothing and we definitely can't see any sags or bumps at all - and really don't expect it to. The huge 20-year warranty is reassuring too. And we both love how it uses all natural and sustainable ingredients - pure latex, nothing else!! Our dream mattress at a good price. Thank you

nlc Avatar
02/04/20 - ProductReview

love it Purchase and delivery was all smooth. We went to the showroom and tried a few different types, the staff were helpful and friendly. The bed is great, it is simply comfortable and we sleep well in it. No regrets at all.

Brett D. Avatar
Brett D.
27/04/20 - ProductReview

Excellent product and service! We had intended to update our traditional futon mattress, but after trying the medium-firm all latex (3 layer) product decided to go with with that instead. We prefer a mattress that is on the firm side, so the adjustment time was one sleep! We are extremely happy that we changed our mind and went with the latex choice. The showroom is small and on two levels and, more importantly, the service was excellent with no pressure - only helpful advice and useful information. Because we picked up the mattress ourselves we saved $100 that otherwise would have been a delivery fee. We genuinely highly recommend the product and Quokka Beds as the supplier.

Corinne Avatar
11/10/20 - ProductReview

Do yourself a favour... seriously. In short I would say to anyone who wants to buy a good mattress: “Buy a good latex.” There is nothing which can beat the comfort and support a good latex mattress.We have gone through 4 expensive mattresses in the past 2 years.We tried all possible mattresses and bed bases. I have tried many different mattresses over the years: from super swiss flex, the ultimate backcare, orthopaedic, posturepedic, chiropractic, slumber snooze, super visco memory foam this and that, plush, posh, here and there everywhere. You never get what you pay for esp...Read moreecially over the $3000 mark. I would love to go more into detail about the issues we had. You name it we had it. Alas this is not a review of those mattresses. In short: I won’t go near them anymore, only when I absolutely have to or when I don’t have a choice. I know it sounds unbelievable and somehow I still have to come to terms with it myself, please read on.

There is no whatever foam with or without whatever springs which can beat a good quality latex mattress
Before I continue raving about latex, to drive my point home even more I woke up with unbearable neck pains every morning. Every time we bought a new mattress the pain went away until the mattress began to sag slightly which was often within a month. You tell yourself all kinds of things, that you need to get used to it or it can’t be the mattress or.... I have become very good in finding causes. The proof is in the pudding...uh I mean mattress.

The simple reason is that foam (yes including memory foam) does not provide the support and comfort a latex mattress can provide.
Foam and other fillings used in general mattresses sag. This problem is most often shuffled under the carpet by mattress sales people. What’s the deal you ask? Sagging means no more support even when it is 10mm.
Yes springs won’t sag easily but the foam on top will, so you will start feeling the springs. Latex on top of foam might be better, but it’s wasting this precious good material as a solid latex is much better.

Jane Avatar
14/09/20 - ProductReview

My Dream Bed The mattress was fiddly to put together, but so worth it - most comfortable mattress ever, and great quality too! I did some research before buying and so happy I that chose Quokka :)

Yulia Avatar
14/12/21 - ProductReview

Fantastic product! We bought a mattress in June.Fantastic product, NON-TOXIC, 100% natural latex, great quality, and not heavy. Great setup, allowing you to wash a mattress cover and to give some air to the layers of latex, if needed in a future (unlike any other mattress we owed before).Elise, Daniel and the team were wonderful, helpful and a joy to deal with.Thank you so much!!!

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If you’re wanting to keep your product for 10, 20 or 30 years, trust the business that’s been around for longer!

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About Our Natural Bamboo Covers

Why do you offer 2 covers for this size?

We are always looking for ways to improve our environmental impact, which is why we switched to our new Organic Cotton Covers as soon as we could – but it meant we have some very good quality stock leftover. Rather than put it to waste, we decided to offer it at a small discount to those who want it. Further, due to worldwide shortages and container delays, we may run out of stock of our Quilted covers, and may only be able to offer other covers for some sizes.

How is the ‘Bamboo’ cover different?

The main difference is our Cotton covers are made of 100% Certified Organic material, although our Bamboo covers were still sustainably sourced and 100% Natural. Both covers feel the same on the latex (acting as a minimal comfort layer to protect and hold the latex in place), both have zips on 3 sides and both are cold-machine washable. However, the Bamboo cover is more stretchy, so it can actually be a little easier to put the mattress together. And you can always switch to a Cotton cover later if you wish, which we would do for half-price (Queen $240 $120 or King $290 $145). Thanks for your support!

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