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Frequently Asked Questions

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Delivery & Payment

All our products are dispatched from our Showroom/Factory in Wangara, Perth WA with free delivery to all Australian metro areas. We post orders followed by an emailed Tracking Link as soon as it leaves our warehouse.

  • Timber Bed Base: Manufacturing process can vary in time-frame, please see the Bed Base section for updated info. We’ll send you an email notification as we reach the last stage of production, then dispatch 1-2 weeks after this. Delivery is usually 5-10 days to arrive to non-Perth orders.
  • Latex Mattress / Pillow: Orders take 1-4 days to prepare for dispatch, with delivery taking 5-10 days to arrive to non-Perth orders. 

Please Note:

  • We cannot guarantee a date/time of delivery, we use a third-party courier and it is at their discretion how to manage deliveries Australia-wide.
  • In some cases, not all boxes arrive in the same delivery. This is due to the delivery service provider. This delay is generally only for 1-2 days before all contents arrive. 
  • There is currently a nation-wide shortage of freight staff, making delivery management harder to track, if you have queries regarding your order please contact us or the nominated delivery company directly.

For deliveries within 1 hour of Perth, we use a local delivery driver, who usually heads out on Saturday’s from 10.00am until early afternoon. An alternate day can be arranged.

You can opt to collect your order from our warehouse in Wangara for $100 off per base and mattress (smaller discounts also apply for other products). All non-timber products are usually fully stocked and can be trialled, ordered and picked up on the same day.

All timber products are made to order, so we’ll notify you when it is 1-2 weeks away from being ready and again when it is all ready to go. From there, you can pick up anytime during showroom hours.

Will it fit in my car?

Our bed bases will fit in any car as long as the rear seats go down, with the longest parts being 200cm (usually sticking those pieces around the front seat). Our latex mattress layers are individually wrapped in heavy-duty packaging for easy and safe transportation. A small car could still fit at least 1 bed base and 1 mattress. If required, we could also vacuum-pack the mattresses on the spot to fit inside your car easier.

*Note: We generally do not put bed bases in boxes for pickup, as it would make it much harder to fit in most cars and saves you having to unpackage it and dispose of the large boxes.

Free to most metro areas, please check here:

For those within major metro areas outside of Perth, we are now trialling premium “Timed” and “Saturday” delivery options on top of our usual “Standard” service. Prices below are flat-rate for at least 1 bed or mattress.

  • Standard (usually free) – a tracked courier service (Mon-Fri). We cannot guarantee a delivery date or give time estimates, although if you miss the first attempt, you can request redelivery on a specific date. They are usually able to go up 1 flight of outside stairs but unfortunately, are not able to enter any premises for insurance reasons.
  • Timed (usually +$100) – your order will first be sent to one of your local Pack & Send stores, who will then call you to arrange quick weekday delivery within an agreed time window (usually 3 hours or less).
  • Saturday (usually +$100) – Border Express now offer a premium Saturday delivery service between 9am-5pm.

For those within 1 hour of Perth, our “Standard” service includes Timed or Saturday delivery at no extra charge.

For Australia-wide Delivery: Our Timber Bed Bases are easily compacted in two packages when posted out to you anywhere in Australia, one for the Base + optional Headboard (204cm long and 22-32kg), and one for the Pine Slats (60-80cm long and 20-24kg). These dimensions are based off of King and Queen sizes.

Latex Mattress layers are individually rolled and vacuum-sealed and sent in individual boxes depending on the number of Layers purchased.

For Perth Pickup: If you collect from our Wangara showroom, we hand you your Timber Bed Base as is, to avoid extra packaging and unnecessary plastic waste. Our bases can be placed in any size car as long as the rear seats go down, as the longest piece usually measures 204cm (all frame sizes except for Single & Double at 188cm).

Latex Mattresses are individually rolled but not vacuum-sealed, we hand you each layer in strong durable packaging. We can vacuum-seal upon request.

We accept Mastercard, VISA, Amex, PayPal, Afterpay, Zip, bank transfer, cash or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning or Litecoin).

Bank transfers: your order will not be processed and confirmed until we receive the payment in our bank. If possible, it helps to email us your bank transfer receipt to ensure it is quickly matched to your order.

Returns, Warranties & Refunds

We don’t do complex warranty terms or difficult returns – we just offer 3 fair and simple guarantees. Read more on our Guarantees page below.


A latex mattress does not have any springs or coils in it. Unlike an innerspring mattress, a natural latex mattress is made out of one type of material: latex. This material is a natural product that comes from the sap of the rubber tree. This milky sap is eco-consciously processed into the mattress layers.

  • It returns to its original shape almost immediately – compared to synthetic latex and standard foams, the unique material of latex means that once pressure is removed it remains its shape, giving you full body-contoured support the moment you move, without creating pain-points or letting you sink into your mattress. This means that latex can help alleviate aches and pains with the correct alignment support.
  • Latex retains its shape for 20 years, where other foams will start to significantly lose softness and support after just a few months or years. 
  • Natural Latex is inherently resistant to moisture, mould, mildew, and dust mites and can mean a much healthier and allergy-free sleep. Further, contrary to what some believe, the particularly open-cell structure allowed by the quality of natural latex promotes great air-ventilation – the best defence against ‘sleeping-hot’ and ensuring your mattress does not retain heat from your body
On average, pure 100% latex mattress are in general more expensive than a standard innerspring mattress. This can be due to its extensive ethical sourcing methods – but since the material is significantly more durable (for 20 years guaranteed), it holds far more benefits over a longer period of time than your standard mattress which may need to be replaced.

Organic and Natural Latex

As of March 2022, we now only offer GOLS certified and eco-INSTITUT organic latex for our mattresses from our manufacturer in Sri Lanka. The latex layers are 100% organic and natural latex with no added petroleum-based or synthetic latex, also meeting strict standards for pollutants and harmful emissions. This ensures there are no additives in our latex that could damage the quality, consistency or healthiness of your mattress. Our latex has also passed stringent durability tests, allowing us to offer a 20 year warranty. Further, our latex uses the ‘Dunlop’ method of production due to its lower environmental footprint and durability advantages over the ‘Talalay’ method. 

  • GOLS certified (Global Organic Latex Standard) for materials and processing global standards for organic latex.
    GOLS certification also focuses on human health, safety and welfare, and environment in the manufacturing process of organic latex 
  • Quality tested by eco-INSTITUT® (Germany) for containing 100% natural latex rubber free of harmful pollutants and emissions 
  • Supplier (Sri Lanka): Eco Latex 
  • Durability tested (scoring 100/100) for little resilience or firmness-loss after 30,000 load cycles of 140kg (TUV EN 1957-2015 tested in Netherlands)
  • See blow for our Density (D) and Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) ratings for each layer:
      • Medium Dunlop Latex – D70 – ILD 18-25
      • Firm Dunlop Latex – D85 – ILD 26-3

In short, yes!

Our pure Latex mattress layers are designed to be supportive, durable and comfortable – making them slightly more heavy-duty than other mattresses. But, we offer our mattresses in a simple 2 or 3 layer system, so you can add your layers one by one (making this much easier to manage, than one full spring mattress!).

When you receive your Latex Mattress layers, they arrive in a vacuum-sealed package which is easily transportable. Lay out your Organic Wool and Cotton Mattress Cover first, then you can open, and lay out each layer to suit your desired firmness – the final step is to zip them up!

  • Click here to view our Latex Mattress Assembly Instructions + Care
  • For 2-layer mattresses, unless you know you want a firmer mattress, the majority of customers would suit a Medium (2 layers of Medium). Due to the quality of our natural latex, this provides a great balance of a soft feel but generous support (with 15cm of latex!). However, if you know you like firm, go with a Medium-Firm – and you then also have the option to flip the layers it if it still not firm enough. In particular, back or front-sleepers and heavier people may suit a firmer mattress. 
    * Note: You can request Firm/Firm, but we strongly recommend trying in-store first.
  • For 3-layer mattresses, the options can go softer, while still providing full support. This allows for even greater ‘give’ in the mattress for a more-luxurious feel with more support (22.5cm of pure latex) than it’s 2-layer equivalent. This is especially true in softer mattresses, where the extra layer allows for a more gradual and supportive change from firm at the bottom to the softer comfort layers at the top. 
    * Note: We don’t recommend 3 layers of Firm.
  • However… Comparing standard foam or spring mattresses to the feel of latex is difficult. Your old mattress may have developed a ‘sinking-in’ feeling compared to the quality and bounce of latex – so some may find it feels a little too firm to begin with. We recommend allowing for the settling in period of around 10 days to get used to. This is why we also offer a 100-Night Comfort Guarantee just in case you need to adjust your firmness!
  • If you like firmer mattresses, generally sleep without pain, or on a tighter budget; go for a 2-layer.
  • If you like softer mattresses, have some back or hip pain, or prefer a plusher, ‘luxury-feel’; go for a 3-layer

About our 100-Night Comfort Guarantee

The layers are not glued together meaning you can unzip the cover and rearrange the layers. However, keep in mind you can only make your mattress firmer, but not softer – we recommend choosing a slightly softer mattress if you’re not sure. Give each configuration a go for at least 10 nights, then within 100 Nights you can swap any Medium or Firm layer with us, or return if it’s not perfect.

All natural/organic latex comes with an odour of some strength, but ours is very low and dissipates over time – generally a week or 2 and it would almost be gone. Most people don’t notice it at all. Our odour is graded at 2.5 out of 6, which is between these 2 grades:

  • 2 perceptible, not bothering
  • 3 clearly perceptible, not bothering
Read more about our eco-INSTITUT certification information here

The open-cell structure allows Natural Latex to dissipate heat build-up during the night, away from the sleeping surface.

Other mattress materials, such as cotton and foam blends, can sometimes trap heat because it lacks proper air ventilation so it can feel hotter for some people sleeping at night.

Because Latex is quite durable, some synthetic latex mattresses will trap heat (because a lot are made with some composite layers). The good news is, with our pure latex, we have designed them with air ventilation holes in every layer – this allows for body temperature regulating, and helps to prevent heat being trapped within the mattress while you sleep. 

When it comes to mattresses, density = durability (and quality). While most “mattresses in a box” use foam with a density of between 15-20kg/m3 (which is lucky to last a couple of years) – our latex ranges from 70 to 85kg/m3!

Below is each individual layer:

  • Queen Medium: 17.5-19kg (153 x 204cm)
  • Queen Firm: 20-21.5kg (153 x 204cm)
  • King Medium: 21-22.5kg (183 x 204cm)
  • King Firm: 23.5-25kg (183 x 204cm)

This weight includes the 1.5kg Organic Wool and Cotton Mattress Cover, included with most mattress orders.

  • 2-Layer System = 15cm of 100% Latex
  • 3-Layer System = 22.5cm of 100% Latex

As our Latex Mattresses have individual internal layers, they aren’t glued together – this means you can remove, swap, or relocate each layer at any time.

Click here to watch a short video on how we wrap an individual layer for transport. Apply the same method for all layers (2 or 3).

You Will Need:

  • Cling Wrap, String, or Cable tie – Mainly anything that will hold the layer together. We prefer Cling Wrap as it sticks to itself.
  • 240L Plastic Bag: Not totally necessary, this is just to keep the latex protected during transport, or you can use to vacuum-pack if you need to compress the layer.

1x rolled layer is approximately 80cm x 80cm, not vacuum-packed. If your rear seats go down in your car, you could fit 5 or 6 layers.

For Organic Wool and Cotton Covers:

Our Latex Mattresses come included with our Organic Cotton & Wool Cover, which due to the Wool baffling and being susceptible to shrinking, should only be spot-cleaned if necessary. We always recommend using our waterproof mattress protector, or your own mattress protector of any kind!

In the event your latex layer needs to be cleaned, spot clean with a small amount of mild detergent and warm water. Wipe away the excess with a towel. It is important to ensure that the latex layer is completely dry before placing your sheets on top or sleeping on it. Using a hand-held blow dryer for fast dry time. Elevate the area with a platform beneath it to ensure air can move through if necessary.

For Calico Covers: 

Calico covers are manufactured with pre-washed fabric and can be washed in cold or warm water and air dried. 

For Organic Cotton Cover (Q16 Only): 

This cover is designed to shrink slightly in the wash so we recommend removing the top layer and cold washing and air drying. Once you zip it back on, the cover will have a snug fit.

Depending on your bed base, there are a few requirements you will need to meet to be suitable for a latex mattress. We require at least 1 grounded central support beam for Queens (2 for Kings), while any slats must be 5-9cm wide and be spaced 3-5cm apart (get in touch if you have something else).

Humidity and Aeration for a Latex Mattress

All mattresses face the potential of heat entrapment which can potentially lead to mould, especially if you are located in a humid and/or wet climate. Latex requires sufficient aeration in the bed base it’s on.

Our Latex Mattress has been designed with air-ventilation holes in each individual layer to prevent against heat being trapped, but the bed base support system it’s on is also very important in releasing any trapped air. Read below the specifications of the bed base we recommend for effective air ventilation:

  • A slatted timber bed base (like ours) – any solid base is not recommended.
  • All slats must be approximately 5-9cm in width.
  • Slat gaps between 3-5cm.
    • Anything out of these ranges must be approved by our team, please get in touch – we’re happy to help!
  • Some clearance beneath your frame to allow air to escape.

Bed Base

blankWhen we choose sustainably and responsibly harvested timber over other materials, we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and their consequent carbon emissions. Aluminium, steel, concrete and plastic are not produced from renewable sources. Our timber is sustainable, carbon sequestering and natural. Further, it is extremely strong, relatively lightweight and looks great!

Not only is timber the most sustainable building material, all our timbers come from 100% regrown plantation forests that have been independently certified to strict Australian and international standards.

  • All our timber comes from certified 100% regrown plantation forests
  • Our slats and inner support system are made from solid untreated Pine

We are also proud to share that all our timber suppliers adhere to the following wildly recognised certifications:

  • Australian Forestry Standard (AS4708:2013), which is internationally recognised by the Program for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification (PEFC).
  • Further, all suppliers passed international certification for effective Environmental Management Systems (ISO14001:2015).

We only use solid timber from FSC-certified plantations, ensuring the sustainability, strength and health of your bed.

  • Tasmanian Oak: Certified plantations in Victoria, Australia
  • Rose Gum: Certified plantations in South America (originally an Australian native tree, no longer grown here)
  • Pine: Certified plantations in Western Australia or New Zealand (depending on supply)

The total height of the headboard is always 35cm and we now offer FOUR-IN-ONE adjustable “mattress gap” settings with a unique ‘rotatable double-bracket’ design. The “mattress gap” is the height between the top of the bed base and the bottom of the headboard, which looks and works best when this is the same height as your mattress, or slightly lower (i.e. your mattress ‘overlaps’ on the headboard by around 0-5cm).

Basically, you don’t want pillows slipping through this gap, nor do you want too much of the headboard hidden!

Mattress Gap Settings
You’ll notice 2 brackets on the back of your headboard. The entire headboard is also rotatable to give four smart options:

  • 15cm (slim mattresses up to 21cm high). With headboard brackets closer to the roof, use the top bracket.
  • 22cm (standard mattresses 22-27cm high). With headboard brackets closer to the floor, use the top bracket.
  • 28cm (tall mattresses 28-33cm high). With headboard brackets closer to the roof, use the bottom bracket.
  • 34cm (very tall mattresses over 34cm high). With headboard brackets closer to the floor, use the bottom bracket. Get in touch if your mattress is over 40cm high.

Yes! In fact, just one person is able to set up our Timber Bed Bases in 5-10 minutes!

We’ve designed our beds for a complete ease of assembly, with clip-in brackets that slide into place without the need for any tools.

Check out our Assembly Video above for a detailed look!

Click here for our Assembly Instructions 

blankWe’ve been using the same German brackets for over 20 years with absolutely no issues – they are the tried and tested winner for complete strength and ease-of-use. 

Click here to view our 17-second video of how to construct your bed.

All of our timber products are finished with Polyx-Oil from Osmo. This product is a great choice for maintaining furniture in a safe, natural way, that protects and maintains the wood against harmful factors.

Ingredients include sunflower oil, soybean oil, thistle oil, Carnauba wax, and Candelilla wax. For more information, please refer to their website here

On our Rose Gum bed bases, we use a Teak stain undercoat and the Osmo Oil as a final coat, and on our Tasmanian Oak bed bases, we use a White stain undercoat and the Osmo Oil as a final coat. 

Yes! If you’d like to request to leave the timber raw + unfinished, just let us know in the order notes section at checkout. We will sand down the timber, but not add the Wood Wax Oil (as standard). This means you are free to stain the frame however you like. Unfortunately, we cannot do this for you.

*Note: Leaving the timber unfinished can cause the timber to wear down from environmental factors more easily over time. Please use a wood wax or Orange Oil (found at Bunnings) at least every 18 months to 2 years to prolong the life of the wood.

Our Timber Bed Bases in the Standard or Floating design have the following weight dimensions, as compacted in the two packages.

  • Our timber is surprisingly light, and easy to manoeuvre 
  • With packaging, both boxes can vary up to 20-30kg

An updated version of our Bed Base dimensions can be found at the top of this page in the drop-down section ‘Click Here for Specs + Dimensions’.

*Note: The Floating Design have the same internal + external dimensions, but the legs are hidden beneath the frame. This does not impact any weight-bearing capacity and is just as sturdy.

Both the Original and the Floating designs sport excellent durability and structural support. We use thick, solid timber, made to last a lifetime and for all kinds of mattresses – it can even have a weight capacity of 600kg.

Because it is so strong, using pure timber also requires certain manufacturing techniques to ensure it performs properly. When two pieces of timber rub against one another, the friction creates creaks and squeaks. This means that we have designed our frames with very slight gaps between beams – they are unnoticeable and do not impact any structural support.

Yes! All our timber bed bases are designed to support the weight and durability of any mattress. We use solid timber pine slats that is known for its extremely strong support.

The construction and material take a great force to bend, and with our timber slats designed wide enough and spaced out narrowly, as well as having a central beam and grounded support, this provides sufficient stability for any mattress. 

We’ve designed our beds to sit flush with the edge of the bed base structure, making it not only easier for changing bed sheets, but stylish and practical.

Although our Timber Bed Bases are designed without a recess and mattresses sit directly on top, we have never encountered any issues related to mattresses (ours and others!) moving around the base while it’s being used. The weight pressure of any mattress is heavy enough to keep it in place and rarely pushed off.

Yes, you can! We can send you 2x Struts and Headboard to attach to your existing base.

We charge the price of the headboard, plus $50 for packaging + postage. Simply contact us and we can arrange delivery (Australia-wide!) or pick-up from our Perth warehouse. You’ll need brackets at the back of your base, so we’ll have to replace your back beam too If you don’t already have brackets there!).

If you purchase a Base Only now, you can selected ‘Add Headboard Brackets’ at Checkout for $20 extra.

Floating Design

  • Hidden Crossbeam beneath the frame rather than two end legs.

Original Design

  • No Crossbeam.

Both features:

  • Same number of Centrebeams as per frame size.
  • Same frame height (29cm). 
  • Same Headboard dimensions.
  • Same Slat number and dimensions.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are carbon-based chemicals that easily become vapours or gases.

Our Timber Bed Bases are solid wood, not plywood or MDF based. This means that any pure wood itself naturally emits a very low level of VOC’s into the atmosphere, and is not considered severely toxic. 

We are confident that our Timber Bed Bases will not significantly impact what’s called, ‘Offgassing’ as solid wood naturally emit this as you breathe. 

The finishing oil from Osmo for all of our timber bed bases is also low-VOC under EU regulations under 500g/l.

We are determined to maximise our eco-friendly practices wherever possible. 

Unfortunately, we do not make any custom changes to our Timber Bed Base range. This includes changing the height of the legs, HB design or overall increasing the height of the base.

This is because our range is hand-made and designed to prevent against any creaking.

We do consider any suggestions or small changes including HB height. If you’re unsure of something, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

More photos can be found on our Gallery page.



Floating Design (Jarrah) with Low Setting Mattress Gap.

With most mattress purchases coming with specific warranty guidelines, just like our own mattresses. Find the following specifications of our bed base that complies with most warranty guidelines: 

  • Slat requirements: no more than 8cm apart (our bed base slats are 4.5cm) 
  • Flat base: our bed bases are completely flat with no adjustments 
  • Central support: our Queen bed bases have one central support with two feet whilst our King bed bases have two central supports with four feet in total
  • Slat width: our slats are 8.5cm in width which will give the proper support any mattress needs 

Mattress warranty guidelines that are supported by Quokka Beds bed bases are as follows: Sleeping Duck Mattress

Unfortunately, we avoid sending any samples of our Jarrah, Rose Gum or Tasmanian Oak, as all of our timber varies in colour, tone and general appearance in between batches – even if it was sourced from the same tree. There is a highly likely chance that the sample we send will not match the base if you do choose to purchase one.

If you have concerns about the colour of the timber, we are able to keep an eye out during production if you require a specific colour, however keep in mind that we source our Australian hardwood timber from certified plantations and as such we utilise every timber supplied and rarely discard, only if it poses a clear stability issue. Natural, ethically-sourced timber will always vary and we don’t aim for ‘perfect’, only natural! The only perfect timber frames you’ll see on the market are MDF-based and mostly artificial.

Existing Brett's Beds

Between 1989 and 2019, we were called “Brett’s Beds & Futons” and sold 1000’s of custom beds to mainly Perth customers. We’re still the same people, just a fresh new look. Our existing customers still hold onto their bases 10, 20 to even 30 years later! 

Unfortunately, no. When we switched to Quokka Beds in 2019 we completely updated our range to a more minimalist, simplistic look with various changes to the structure and manufacturing of the bases based on customer feedback, including more sustainable timber and general ease of assembly and delivery.

We now have different tools, resources and production limitations that no longer allows us to create the old frames.

Usually, no. Our warranty as Brett’s was only for 10 years and most of his beds are now much older than that (but with so few issues, we now have the confidence to simply offer a lifetime warranty).

However, Brett himself is still working for us and depending on the issue, often he likes to help out anyway. Best way is to send us a picture of it with an explanation via email!

Your Cart
About Our Natural Bamboo Covers

Why do you offer 2 covers for this size?

We are always looking for ways to improve our environmental impact, which is why we switched to our new Organic Cotton Covers as soon as we could – but it meant we have some very good quality stock leftover. Rather than put it to waste, we decided to offer it at a small discount to those who want it. Further, due to worldwide shortages and container delays, we may run out of stock of our Quilted covers, and may only be able to offer other covers for some sizes.

How is the ‘Bamboo’ cover different?

The main difference is our Cotton covers are made of 100% Certified Organic material, although our Bamboo covers were still sustainably sourced and 100% Natural. Both covers feel the same on the latex (acting as a minimal comfort layer to protect and hold the latex in place), both have zips on 3 sides and both are cold-machine washable. However, the Bamboo cover is more stretchy, so it can actually be a little easier to put the mattress together. And you can always switch to a Cotton cover later if you wish, which we would do for half-price (Queen $240 $120 or King $290 $145). Thanks for your support!

Save $50 per Base or Mattress

It’s simple: Buy 2 or more bases and/or mattresses, and you’ll save an EXTRA $50 on each one!

For example, bundle any base with any mattress to save $100 instantly. Note: The same applies to just 2 bases, just 2 mattresses, or multiples of each one. Discount applies automatically. Happy sleeping!

Check Your Delivery Cost: