Mattress Protector

Protect your mattress with our Waterproof mattress protector, made with GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton, and TPU material, free from toxic chemicals for a healthy, organic sleep.

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Organic, Waterproof, Natural Mattress Protector

Healthy & Sustainable

Our Mattress Protector is hand-made from ethically farmed cotton factories in India, using only 100% Organic Cotton certified by GOTS - and added TPU (for water protection) without synthetic polyurethane, off-gassing or other toxic materials.

Waterproof Organic cotton with TPU

With 245GSM, and TPU material, this waterproof mattress protector has been hand-crafted for ultimate softness and protection. Designed with a deep gusset to suit both our 2 and 3 Layer Latex Mattresses and elastic through all sides.

Durable Mattress Protection

Promoting excellent air-ventilation, moisture protection and an added organic cotton layer of protection for your mattress, this cover helps to prevent the buildup of dead skin cells, oil and sweat during the night to reach your mattress.

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Certified Materials


We're confident you'll sleep happy for years to come. Our mattress protector is waterproof, using only certified materials.

1 Year Warranty

Eco-friendly and made to last, every Mattress Protector has a full one-year warranty included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Similar to the above discussion about Latex, Natural and Organic Cotton are also very similar.

Organic Cotton comes from a certified plantation classed as ‘Organic’ therefore when the cotton is grown and picked, the certification reflects this. When manufacturing, the process is effectively the same.

Not necessarily, it won’t void the warranty of our Latex Mattress – it is just an added barrier of protection to avoid that moisture, oil and dead skin cell buildup to reach the mattress. Our Organic Cotton Cover (included with every Latex Mattress) does a superb job of protecting the latex, the Protector aids in protecting the cover and thus the mattress.

Our Mattress Protectors are designed to fit a mattress with a maximum depth of 30cm.

Both our 2-Layer and 3-Layer Mattresses will fit one standard Mattress Protector 

Single Mattress Protectors: 91cm x 187cm x 32cm 

King Single Mattress Protectors: 107cm x 203cm x 32cm 

Double Mattress Protectors: 137cm x 187cm x 32cm

Queen Mattress Protectors: 153cm x 203cm x 32cm

King Mattress Protectors: 183cm x 203cm x 32cm


TPU is a non-toxic and 100% food-safe material. TPU does not contain any chemicals that interfere with endocrine and hormone systems, nor does it contribute to PH change in soil or water. It contains no dangerous ingredients according to REACH Compliance. 

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyuretane) Film is a non-GMO, bio-based, and derived from corn starch. It is Oeko-Tex certified (class 1), approved by GOTS and meets GREENGUARD Gold Standard.

The Greenguard Standard includes health based criteria for additional chemicals and also requires lower total VOC emissions levels to ensure that products are acceptable for use in environments. 

Non-GMO corn starch is a natural, biodegradable, sustainable, and a nonirritating carrier for actives in many formulations. It is also produced from specially cultivated corn by means of an up-to-date refining process


Over 30 Years of Australian Bedding Experience

Quokka Beds has been manufacturing bedroom furniture in Perth, Australia for over 30 years with extremely positive feedback. Formerly called Brett's Beds + Futons, many of Brett's customers have come back 20 or even 30 years later just to say their mattress feels as good as new, and their base is still working great. Quokka Beds brings true, hands-on experience right to your doorstep. Read more below...

Latex Pillow

20 reviews

Quokka Beds (All)

395 reviews
Anii Avatar
Perfect pillow My husband has banned me from buying pillows. I've been on a bit of a pillow spree since my old faithful started giving me neck pain when I woke up. Unfortunately it's an expensive exercise and we now have about 7 spare pillows with no place to go. I started to only buy from places that offered a money back guarantee. The first one didn't work, but luckily then I tried Quokka. I got the standard latex pillow - not the shaped one. It's weird. It so soft I thought it couldn't possibly offer good support to a fuller shouldered person such as myself but the lip around the edge is firmer and holds my neck perfectly. Meanwhile my cheek is being caressed by a thousand tiny kittens. Well, not really. but I don't have to take my earrings out as there's no "smooshing". Latex in general is way softer than memory foam and better suited to people who switch from laying on their back or front to their side as it adapts to the new shape quickly. This one is perfect. So glad I tried it.
Alexandra Laws Avatar
Alexandra Laws
Best Latex pillow Great soft latex pillow with 4 options to dial in the perfect height for your sleeping. Organic cotton removable cover. Eco friendly, organic good for the body and good for the earth.
Rajni Avatar
Excellent Mattress Picked up the mattress from Quokka's factory in Wangara. Easy to assemble, no smell, and quite comfortable. Unlike memory foam mattresses, this latex mattress does not retain heat. So far, I can report that there is no sag and there is no reason to doubt that this mattress will last many years. The latex pillows that came with the mattress are also very good. The price I paid is very competitive with the many latex mattresses advertised on-line. Much better than the very expensive innersprung big brand mattresses I have used until now. I am also very happy that I am now using a natural product, produced in an eco friendly way in an eco environment.
Gary S Avatar
Gary S
Very good pillow, very good service The Quokka pillow is a good size and solid construction; it seems like it is unlikely to collapse over time, as do some others. Service and shipping were impressive - 2 days from ordering to receipt, from one side of the country to the other.
Jack Avatar
Highly recommend this pillow! The latex pillow has dramatically improved my quality of sleep. Comfortable, supportive and eco friendly all in one. The service was impeccable, Daniel was highly knowledgeable and helpful. I am extremely happy with my purchase and would highly recommend Quokka Beds!
Kate Avatar
Quokko Pillow Fantastic pillows, bought them for the entire family including 2 kids and we all love them. Arrived quickly with great packaging, they have great customer service too, very satisfied with our safe and eco pillows.
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If you’re wanting to keep your product for 10, 20 or 30 years, trust the business that’s been around for longer!

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About Our Natural Bamboo Covers

Why do you offer 2 covers for this size?

We are always looking for ways to improve our environmental impact, which is why we switched to our new Organic Cotton Covers as soon as we could – but it meant we have some very good quality stock leftover. Rather than put it to waste, we decided to offer it at a small discount to those who want it. Further, due to worldwide shortages and container delays, we may run out of stock of our Quilted covers, and may only be able to offer other covers for some sizes.

How is the ‘Bamboo’ cover different?

The main difference is our Cotton covers are made of 100% Certified Organic material, although our Bamboo covers were still sustainably sourced and 100% Natural. Both covers feel the same on the latex (acting as a minimal comfort layer to protect and hold the latex in place), both have zips on 3 sides and both are cold-machine washable. However, the Bamboo cover is more stretchy, so it can actually be a little easier to put the mattress together. And you can always switch to a Cotton cover later if you wish, which we would do for half-price (Queen $240 $120 or King $290 $145). Thanks for your support!

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It’s simple: Buy 2 or more bases and/or mattresses, and you’ll save an EXTRA $50 on each one!

For example, bundle any base with any mattress to save $100 instantly. Note: The same applies to just 2 bases, just 2 mattresses, or multiples of each one. Discount applies automatically. Happy sleeping!

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