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Latex Pillow

Made from 100% Organic Latex with four height-settings, this heavenly pillow is your perfect match for proper head, neck and back alignment.

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The Perfect Height For Every Sleeper


Contour Design & Removable Layer

The contour design uniquely supports the neck and head, to properly align your back for a restful sleep - which comes with a low side and a high side. Plus, there is also a 2.5cm latex layer underneath the pillow that can be removed to further adjust the height.

  • Click here to view our Pillow Assembly Instructions + Care

Organic & Supportive Materials

Sleep tight knowing you’re sleeping on the best - we use 100% organic Dunlop latex rubber (verified by GOLS) because it's the world's #1 eco-conscious, high-performance material for support, consistency and temperature-control. Encased in a certified organic cotton cover, this is as pure and as healthy as they come.

Fully supported for 10+ years

Forget about a dead pillow after a few months or even years - our certified organic latex scores 100/100 for durability and we're confident your pillow will feel like new for years to come. Full 10-year warranty against sagging or indentations.

Premium, Eco-Friendly Materials


Organic Latex

Pure and consistent 100% Certified Natural Organic Dunlop Latex sapped straight from the trees in the sustainable forests of Vietnam.

Organic Cotton Cover

Made from 100% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton, including 400GSM of wadding in the top layer and a breathable bottom canvas for the highest-quality sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Latex has the unique ability to not sag or get softer over time, so you can afford to get a softer mattress and still feel confident you will be fully supported now and for years to come too. 

See below for our most commonly asked questions about our range!

Pure Organic Latex is known for its durable, supportive feel that is guaranteed to last 10-20 years without any sagging. This material is a natural product that comes from the sap of the rubber tree. This milky sap is eco-consciously processed. The term ‘dead pillow’ is a common term used for a standard pillow that exceeds its expiry of only a couple of years until it significantly deteriorates (causing neck alignment issues and pain), we offer our Latex Contour Pillow to help alleviate this problem.


  • It returns to its original shape almost immediately – compared to synthetic latex and standard feathered/polyester, the unique material of organic pure latex means that once pressure is removed it remains its shape, giving you full body-contoured support the moment you move, without creating pain-points or letting you sink into your pillow. This means that latex can help alleviate aches and pains with the correct alignment support, especially in the head and neck.
  • Latex retains its shape for 20 years, where other common pillows made from polyester (especially) will start to significantly lose softness and support after just a few months or years.
  • Organic latex is resistant to moisture, mould, mildew, and dust mites and can mean a much healthier and allergy-free sleep. Further, contrary to what some believe, the particularly open-cell structure allowed by the quality of natural latex promotes great air-ventilation – the best defence against ‘sleeping-hot’ and ensuring your pillow does not retain heat from your body and allows your skin to breathe.

On average, pure 100% latex products are in general more expensive than a standard pillow. This is due to its extensive ethical sourcing methods – but since the material is significantly more durable (for 10 years guaranteed), it holds far more benefits over a longer period of time than your standard mattress which may need to be replaced.


We believe your pillow and your mattress should be an investment made to last as you age, move to a new house and change comfort preferences. With such a fast-paced life, a customisable bed and pillow should allow you to adjust without purchasing an entirely new bed suite.

When you lay down on a latex pillow, you’ll feel a pleasant ‘soft-sinking’ feeling followed by a feeling of firm yet comfortable support. This is why latex is becoming so popular worldwide.


Those who suffer from chronic pain, such as back pain, find that the comfort of a latex mattress helps to alleviate the pain. Increasingly, medical professionals such as osteopaths, physiotherapists, and so on are recommending latex products for their ability to align the body and spine properly and comfortably, for an extensive period of time.


All natural/organic latex comes with an odour of some strength, but ours is very low and dissipates over time – generally a week or 2 and it would almost be gone. Most people don’t notice it at all. Our odour is graded at 2.5 out of 6, which is between these 2 grades:

  • 2 perceptible, not bothering
  • 3 clearly perceptible, not bothering

Read more about our eco-INSTITUT certification information here

Technically, the Density of the Latex Contour Pillow is D75 (Medium) but has been cut to shape. The good thing is that the layers are not glued together meaning you can unzip the cover and rearrange the layers and heights.

Our Latex Contour Pillow has been designed with 4 different height options, with a high side and a low side, plus a completely removable bottom layer.

Most sleepers will suit the low side plus the bottom layer. If this feels to high or you solely sleep on your front or back, try this for at least a few days before removing layers

Generally, side sleepers or those with broader shoulders will suit a higher setting – but front or back sleepers, or those with slimmer shoulders will suit a lower setting. Try them all out until you know what’s best for you!

Australia-wide Delivery: Usually dispatched on Fridays for arrival mid the following week (standard Monday-Friday 9-5 courier service)

Perth Metro Delivery: Usually delivered on Saturdays by our local delivery driver, or we can arrange another day

Perth Pick-up: Pick-ups from our Malaga showroom get a $100 Discount off each bed or mattress (allow a few days to prepare your mattress)

In short, yes!

Our pure Latex layers are designed to be supportive, durable and comfortable – making them slightly more heavy-duty than other pillows. But, we offer our pillows in 4 different height settings, so you can add your layers and rotate heights (making this much easier to manage than a standard pillow!).

When you receive your Latex Contour Pillow, they arrive in a vacuum-sealed package which is easily transportable.

  • Click here to download our Pillow Assembly Instructions + Care

Our latex is sourced from eco-plantations in Vietnam and is certified by ECO-institut (Germany) as 100% natural botanical latex and by GOLS as 100% organic latex with no added petroleum-based or synthetic latex, also meeting strict standards for pollutants and harmful emissions.

This ensures there are no additives in our latex that could damage the quality, consistency or healthiness of your mattress. Our latex has also passed stringent durability tests, which is one of the reasons we can offer a market-leading 20-year warranty. Further, our latex uses the ‘Dunlop’ method of production due to its lower environmental footprint and durability advantages over the ‘Talalay’ method.


  • Quality tested by eco-INSTITUT® (Germany) for containing 100% natural latex rubber free of harmful pollutants and emissions
  • Tested by GOLS for containing 100% organic materials and production methods
  • Naturally hypoallergenic that repels dust mites, mould and mildew to fight allergies
  • Durability tested (scoring 100/100) for little resilience or firmness-loss after 30,000 load cycles of 140kg (TUV EN 1957-2012 tested in Netherlands)
  • Additionally, our supplier uses bio-fuel for electricity and has an all-round clean production process (as certified by ISO 14001:2015).


See below for our Density (D) and Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) ratings for each layer. You may be able to compare these figures to other latex mattresses you have seen, in shops or online:

  • Medium Dunlop Latex – D75 – ILD 18-25
  • Firm Dunlop Latex – D85 – ILD 26-3


Each layer of our Latex Contour Pillows is made with Medium Dunlop Latex D75 for total softness.


Backed by over 30 years' of experience

Quokka Beds are the official, exclusive online stockist for Brett’s Beds + Futons, who’ve been producing and selling bedroom furniture right here in Australia for over 30 years with extremely positive feedback. Many of Brett’s customers come back 10, 20 years later just to say their mattress feels as good as new. Quokka Beds brings true, hands-on experience right to your doorstep. Read more below…

quokka beds -

All-Latex Mattress

9 reviews
produced by -

Brett's Beds + Futons

52 reviews

Overall rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars from 35 independent reviews:

Danny Avatar
04/10/19 - ProductReview

Real honest quality latex mattresses - doesn't get better!! We bought a King 3-layer 100% latex mattress (medium) 2 months ago and we're absolutely loving it. We've both had bad backs from using spring mattresses and after a few messages with the people at Quokka, we decided on the Medium firmness option - where we also knew we had the option of moving the layers around to make it firmer if need be! But after a couple days, we couldn't decide if it was too firm or too soft for us - so we kept it how it is!! Our back pain has slowly faded to nothing and we definitely can't see any sags or bumps at all - and really don't expect it to. The huge 20-year warranty is reassuring too. And we both love how it uses all natural and sustainable ingredients - pure latex, nothing else!! Our dream mattress at a good price. Thank you

Brett D. Avatar
Brett D.
27/04/20 - ProductReview

Excellent product and service! We had intended to update our traditional futon mattress, but after trying the medium-firm all latex (3 layer) product decided to go with with that instead. We prefer a mattress that is on the firm side, so the adjustment time was one sleep! We are extremely happy that we changed our mind and went with the latex choice. The showroom is small and on two levels and, more importantly, the service was excellent with no pressure - only helpful advice and useful information. Because we picked up the mattress ourselves we saved $100 that otherwise would have been a delivery fee. We genuinely highly recommend the product and Quokka Beds as the supplier.

Bergen Avatar
31/01/18 - ProductReview

Love my Futon Bed and Latex Mattress I went into the store two weeks ago to order a bed and mattress, Brett was really friendly and helpful and I ordered a Queen sized bed frame (Dove 1 and Dali headboard) and absolutely love it!. The wood looks great and bed is really good quality. I also ordered a latex mattress and its the first Latex mattress i have ever owned and im really happy with it and would never go back to spring mattress now.

Thanks for the great service and amazing bed, highly recommend Bretts Beds to anyone!

Glen Avatar
08/04/19 - ProductReview

Great Latex mattress We were after a latex mattress to replace an old innerspring one due to health concerns. Looked at heaps of different ones and the prices always seemed super expensive. We found Brett's and they were locally made, quick turnaround and well priced compared to others. Couldn't be happier.

AdP Avatar
28/03/19 - ProductReview

Awesome bed frame and mattress! We ordered a futon base and mattress from Bretts. They were very helpful to help us choose the frame and mattress we needed. There was a long waiting time between the moment we placed the order and when the bed arrived because they are so successful they have a lot of orders. When the bed arrived they delivered it and helped us build the frame. Great customer service. Of course the quality of the frame and mattress is awesome.

Ken Avatar
02/02/17 - ProductReview

Great product, fantastic Aftersales service Have purchased 2 beds with latex mattresses and a pair of bedside tables over the past 6 years, in-store and over the phone.
Purchasing process was very smooth.

Product is custom made (chose own headboard) and as such took some time to be produced.
Good quality. Excellent mattresses
I jumped off the bed and snapped a slat, which Brett's Futons replaced for free, even though it was 5 years after purchase.

Very impressed. Will use again.

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