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“…now I sleep through the night and awake with no neck pain. I find the pillow very comfortable, supportive, soft and a joy to sleep on. The whole process from ordering to having it delivered was exceptional” – Robyne (Nov 2023)
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Latex Pillow
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Made from 100% GOLS certified Organic Latex, these heavenly pillows are the perfect blend of soft yet resilient support to properly align your head, neck and back.

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The Natural, Supportive & Healthy Pillow


Two Unique Designs

Choose between our Standard pillow suitable for a wide range of sleepers, or go big with our Adjustable Contour pillow with 4 height settings to perfectly suit any style of sleeper.


Supportive & Durable

Our certified organic latex offers a soft and resilient support to properly cradle your head and neck. Forget about a dead pillow after just a few months - our pillows are guaranteed to last 10 years, so it will always feels like new.



Latex is naturally derived from the milky sap of the rubber tree. This material is naturally resistant to moisture, mould and dust-mites to give a much healthier and allergy-free sleep, while also lowering its environmental footprint.



The open-cell structure of each pillow promotes excellent air-ventilation, ensuring your pillow does not retain heat from your head and neck while you sleep.


Choosing Your Latex Pillow

Both our latex pillows offer the perfect blend of soft and resilient support. They offer the quick-response feel and superior bounce of naturally, organic-sourced latex, which is loved by sleepers of all styles and preferences. Plus, with visible ventilation holes throughout, the abundance of air inside your pillow will provide for a cool surface that removes heat away from your head and neck. Further, both offer a lower + softer centre designed to cradle your head, plus a firmer or higher perimeter designed to support your neck.

Standard Contour
40 x 60 cm
40 x 60 cm
12.5 cm
10, 11.5, 12.5 or 14 cm
(with a removable layer)
100% GOLS Certified organic latex
100% GOLS Certified organic latex
100% GOTS Certified Organic cotton
100% GOTS Certified Organic cotton

Durable, natural materials

We're confident you'll sleep happy for years to come.

10 Year Guarantee

Alleviate chronic aches & pain for good! Guaranteed to last 10 Years with no sagging or indentations

Frequently Asked Questions

Natural & Organic Latex is known for its durable, supportive feel that is guaranteed to last 10-20 years without any sagging. This material is a natural product that comes from the sap of the rubber tree. This milky sap is eco-consciously processed. The term ‘dead pillow’ is a common term used for a standard pillow that exceeds its expiry of only a couple of years until it significantly deteriorates (causing neck alignment issues and pain), we offer our Latex Contour Pillow to help alleviate this problem.

  • It returns to its original shape almost immediately – compared to synthetic latex and standard feathered/polyester, the unique material of organic pure latex means that once pressure is removed it remains its shape, giving you full contoured support the moment you move, without creating pain-points or letting you sink into your pillow. This means that latex can help alleviate aches and pains with the correct alignment support, especially in the head and neck.
  • Latex retains its shape for 10 years, where other common pillows made from polyester (especially) will start to significantly lose softness and support after just a few months or years.
  • It is resistant to moisture, mould, mildew, and dust mites and can mean a much healthier and allergy-free sleep. Further, contrary to what some believe, the particularly open-cell structure allowed by the quality of natural latex promotes great air-ventilation – the best defence against ‘sleeping-hot’ and ensuring your pillow does not retain heat from your body and allows your skin to breathe.

Our latex is sourced from eco-plantations in Vietnam and is certified by ECO-institut (Germany) as 100% natural botanical latex and by GOLS as 100% organic latex with no added petroleum-based or synthetic latex, also meeting strict standards for pollutants and harmful emissions.

This ensures there are no additives in our latex that could damage the quality, consistency or healthiness of your mattress. Our latex has also passed stringent durability tests, which is one of the reasons we can offer a market-leading 20-year warranty. Further, our latex uses the ‘Dunlop’ method of production due to its lower environmental footprint and durability advantages over the ‘Talalay’ method.

  • Quality tested by eco-INSTITUT® (Germany) for containing 100% natural latex rubber free of harmful pollutants and emissions
  • Tested by GOLS for containing 100% organic materials and production methods
  • Naturally hypoallergenic that repels dust mites, mould and mildew to fight allergies
  • Durability tested (scoring 100/100) for little resilience or firmness-loss after 30,000 load cycles of 140kg (TUV EN 1957-2012 tested in Netherlands)
  • Additionally, our supplier uses bio-fuel for electricity and has an all-round clean production process (as certified by ISO 14001:2015).

There is some discussion surrounding the difference between Natural and Organic Latex, however the only main difference between the two is the certification. 

Our Natural Latex, certified by eco-INSTITUT is classified as ‘non-organic 100% Natural Latex‘ so they are recognised as Natural, not Organic.

Our Organic Latex is certified by GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) and therefore is recognised as Organic + Natural Latex.

Both materials are very similar in terms of their eco-processes in both sourcing and production. Neither use any additives, formaldehyde’s or any other synthetics. Our certifications cover both the sourced materials, its manufacturing and production of pressing the Latex (using the Dunlop method) and forming its completed mattress.

With Organic Latex,  the Rubber Tree it comes from is certified Organic, meaning the plantation uses a more strict process when maintaining and sourcing the tree sap. When going to production, the manufacturing for both Natural and Organic Latex is identical.

Similar to the above discussion about Latex, Natural and Organic Cotton are also very similar.

Organic Cotton comes from a certified plantation classed as ‘Organic’ therefore when the cotton is grown and picked, the certification reflects this. When manufacturing, the process is effectively the same.

Our Natural Cotton Covers are slightly thinner with a smooth surface, and our Organic Cotton Covers has a thicker wadding and the texture is cushion-like. However, both are soft and neither impacts comfort or support within the pillow itself.

4 Height Options:



  • High side with Layer = 14cm
  • High side without Layer = 11.5cm
  • Low side with Layer = 12.5cm
  • Low side without Layer = 10cm
  • Removable Bottom Layer = 2.5cm

Most sleepers will suit the low side with the bottom layer. If this feels to high or you solely sleep on your front or back, try this for at least a few days before removing layers

Generally, side sleepers or those with broader shoulders will suit a higher setting – but front or back sleepers, or those with slimmer shoulders will suit a lower setting. Try them all out until you know what’s best for you!


All natural/organic latex comes with an odour of some strength, but ours is very low and dissipates over time – generally a week or 2 and it would almost be gone. Most people don’t notice it at all. Our odour is graded at 2.5 out of 6, which is between these 2 grades:

  • 2 perceptible, not bothering
  • 3 clearly perceptible, not bothering

Read more about our eco-INSTITUT certification information here

Our Latex layers are designed to be supportive, durable and comfortable – making them slightly more heavy-duty than other pillows. But, we offer our pillows in 4 different height settings, so you can add your layers and rotate heights.

When you receive your Latex Contour Pillow, they arrive in a vacuum-sealed package which is easily transportable. 

*Note: Our Latex Pillow is designed to have a slightly snug fit within any standard pillowcase, depending on your height option.

  • Click here to download our Pillow Assembly Instructions + Care

Over 36 Years of Australian Bedding Experience

Quokka Beds has been manufacturing bedroom furniture in Perth, Australia for over 36 years with extremely positive feedback. Formerly called Brett's Beds + Futons, many of Brett's customers have come back 20 or even 30 years later just to say their mattress feels as good as new, and their base is still working great. Quokka Beds brings true, hands-on experience right to your doorstep. Read more below...

20 reviews

Quokka Beds (All)

402 reviews
Anii Avatar
Perfect pillow My husband has banned me from buying pillows. I've been on a bit of a pillow spree since my old faithful started giving me neck pain when I woke up. Unfortunately it's an expensive exercise and we now have about 7 spare pillows with no place to go. I started to only buy from places that offered a money back guarantee. The first one didn't work, but luckily then I tried Quokka. I got the standard latex pillow - not the shaped one. It's weird. It so soft I thought it couldn't possibly offer good support to a fuller shouldered person such as myself but the lip around the edge is firmer and holds my neck perfectly. Meanwhile my cheek is being caressed by a thousand tiny kittens. Well, not really. but I don't have to take my earrings out as there's no "smooshing". Latex in general is way softer than memory foam and better suited to people who switch from laying on their back or front to their side as it adapts to the new shape quickly. This one is perfect. So glad I tried it.
Jay P Avatar
Jay P
Can't go wrong with this! I'm quite sensitive when it comes to sleeping comfort, and have been struggling to find the right pillow. I got the contoured one with the adjustable height option - and just love how you can play around with the heights to 4 different settings. I've also tried another latex pillow brand, but this one feels better for me with softer, cushy feel to it. Comes with a cover, reasonably priced, great quality, adjustable. After trying 6~7 different pillows, I don't know if this would be my dream pillow yet (I only received it a week ago). What I can say though, this is a keeper, and I don't expect to actively look for something else anytime soon.
David P Avatar
David P
Aches and Pains gone! It's been a month now since we began sleeping on our new mattress. It is a comfortable, neutral base that makes us feel weightless, and neither hot nor cool. My morning soreness from my old mattress is a thing of the past now, and I sleep really dreamily. We love that all is organic and no volatile offgassing is occurring. I also love the fabulous guarantee, which I doubt will be needed - but it gave us piece of mind when choosing a Quokka latex mattress. We bought 2 pillow as well and they are like the mattress - neutral, comfortable, and supportive. We also really appreciated the polite, professional staff, and that it is a small business and not some corporate franchise. I will look at Quokka Beds if I need a new bed base too, as they are manufacturers and the workshop looked very professionally run. Thank you.
Renee Avatar
Very happy with our new bed base , mattress and pillows! I have previously owned a base from quokka beds so knew they were high quality. My new bed has lived up to its predisessor- we love it. Sturdy and easy to put together, with a simple design that would suit any room. We also got a mattress and pillow - both are very comfortable, we are very happy with our purchase. On top of the quality products, the team at quokka are excellent to deal with and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new bed
Paige Avatar
Absolutely love the latex pillow! Highly recommend the latex pillow! The pillow is comfortable and supportive, it is easy to remove or add layers of latex allowing me to adjust the pillows to my specific neck and back needs. Increase in quality sleep since using the pillow. Wonderful customer service and all-around quality Australian company!
A_R_T Avatar
I found the perfect pillow! I’d been searching for the perfect pillow for years and finally after almost giving up the quest I stumbled upon the Quokka Latex pillow on their website and decided to give it a try. I’m super happy I did as it is everything I could’ve hoped for and more! I always used to have a stiff neck and sore aching shoulders, with stress knots throughout these areas and was always trying to roll and puff up my pillows to support the crook in the neck when side sleeping and nothing worked! Until the Quokka pillow arrived! I was happy to learn that it is made of natural latex without harmful chemicals so right off the bat it sounded special! On top of that I was impressed that the height of it can be changed by removing a piece of latex if the pillow was too high, taking away the worry of buying a pillow online not knowing if it’s too high. Im a side sleeper so I sleep on the higher side of the pillow without removing the latex pad and it’s perfect! Keeps it shape, so supportive yet soft and super comfortable! Highly recommended!
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If you’re wanting to keep your product for 10, 20 or 30 years, trust the business that’s been around for longer!

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