Setting Up Your Bed Base

Never worry again about setting up your bed – our bed base can be easily put together by 1 person. A instruction sheet is included with each bed, but is almost not necessary. Each design has simple clip-in brackets and slot-in slats, while the Floating also has 2 Allen key screws.

Original Design (Queen)

Floating Design (King)

Setting Up Your Mattress

Due to the density and quality of our mattresses (weighing up to 80kg), each layer is shipped separately, which is then simply laid out inside your cover.

Why we source our latex from Lien'A in Vietnam

Our Natural Latex is sourced from Lien’A in Vietnam. Check out these insightful videos about the benefits of Latex.

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Our Organic Cotton Covers
Due to COVID's ongoing effect on supplies, some sizes now come with our stretchy organic cotton cover, instead of our quilted version (the majority of our stock). We are not yet sure which cover will become our primary one in the future.

But don't worry - both covers provide an equally premium, healthy barrier to your body (using 100% GOTS-certified cotton) - while not impacting the feel of the supportive and durable latex inside. Your cover can always be replaced at a later date too.

Stretchy organic cotton cover:
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