Timber Bed Base
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Finally, a solid Australian-made timber bed base that’s stylish, modern and super easy to assemble. Plus, it will never break or squeak – guaranteed!

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All our products are hand-made and dispatched from our Showroom/Factory in Wangara, Perth WA with free delivery to all Australian metro areas. Because we constantly monitor our production output vs. upcoming orders, our estimated lead times are usually very accurate (no, you won’t be told “April” and then have it delivered in June like some other furniture stores).

  • Timber Bed Base: We’ll send you an email notification as we reach the last stage of production, then dispatch 1-2 weeks after this. We send an emailed Tracking Link. 
  • Delivery ETA: 5-10 days to arrive to non-Perth orders after dispatch.

Perth Delivery: For deliveries within 1 hour of Perth, we use a local delivery driver, who usually heads out on Saturday’s from 10.00am until early afternoon. An alternate day can be arranged.

Perth Pickup: You can opt to collect your order from our warehouse in Wangara for $100 off per base and mattress. Collection is simple and easy, we’ll notify you when it is 1-2 weeks away from being ready and again when it is all ready to go. From there, you can pick up during the following hours to ensure a staff member is available:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10am to 4pm

Lifetime Warranty: We’ve been doing this for so long and with so few issues, we’re prepared to offer a lifetime guarantee against any break, creak or squeak. We’ll simply replace ANY part of your bed at ANY time for FREE! (we’ll also cover all shipping costs involved within the first 2 years)

100-Night Guarantee: And for complete peace of mind, we also accept full returns for any reason within 100 nights. We will refund you in full minus only the actual return delivery cost (capped at $150 per bed base).

Note: if you are outside our free delivery area and we charged you an extra fee, this fee is nonrefundable. 

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Materials & Construction

  • 100% manufactured in Perth, Australia.
  • All pieces are 100% solid timber from Australian FSC certified sustainable forests
  • Main Frame: Jarrah from WA and Tasmanian Oak from VIC
  • Slats & Supports: Solid plantation Pine from WA
  • Connecting brackets made in Germany

Lifetime Guarantee

  • Covered for life against any break or squeak.
  • Any issues, we will send a replacement base or part for free.

Assembly & Care

  • Click here for our PDF Assembly Instructions
  • No special care is needed: we use a water-resistant, natural vegetable oil finish designed to protect the timber. Can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap if required.

New: Matching Timber Sides

  • Choose between Jarrah, Oak or White Oak to match your Timber Bed Base.

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The Australian, Sustainable, Solid Timber Bed Base

Made with 100% solid Australian timber to last you a lifetime, this timeless design is also super easy to assemble.

Stable & Squeak-Free

Our slatted base provides a firm and aerated support for any mattress. With up to 2 centre beams with 2 legs each, you'll never hear any creaking or feel any partner disturbance.

Hand-made in Australia

Our unique design has been perfected from over 30 years of experience, right here in Perth (WA). Each base is expertly hand-crafted using only Australian solid timber.

Natural & Sustainable

We source only the best certified plantation timber from WA and VIC, alongside our eco-conscious initiatives during manufacturing.​

Lifetime Warranty​

Yep that's right. We've been doing this for so long and with so few issues, we're prepared to offer a lifetime warranty against any break, warp or even squeak in your bed base.

Simple 5-Min Assembly

Never worry again about setting up your bed - our bed base can be easily put together by 1 person in 5 minutes with simple clip-in joints. Super easy and super quick! Watch the videos here to learn more.

Original Design (Q)

Floating Design (K)

Choosing Your Timber

We use nothing but Australian hardwood timber in all of our beds, individually hand-made by our local team of experts. All timber comes from certified plantations that pass strict sustainability and eco-friendly regulations in both the planting, and the manufacturing.


Grown right here in WA, Jarrah is not found anywhere else. It is an extremely sought after and durable timber.


Grown in Victoria, our solid Tasmanian Oak is a popular choice for a more traditional wood colour and grain.

white oak

Oak with an added white-wash stain (+$50). Note: knots and grains are still visible and we do not aim for a perfectly consistent finish.

*Please note: As we use 100% sustainable solid timber, all pieces have unique knots & grains. These grains do not impact strength and durability, but adds character and can’t be compared to engineered wood (which usually has a consistent finish). We also cannot guarantee all timber on the bed to be colour-matched, although we try our best without severely increasing wastage. 


Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t hide behind technical lingo – we simply use the highest-quality, most-trusted natural materials available on the worldwide market today. Beyond our many eco-accreditations, importantly, all our main materials are 100% sustainably-sourced – meaning there are no lasting effects on the environment.

See below for our most commonly asked questions about our bed base!

When we choose sustainably and responsibly harvested timber over other materials, we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and their consequent carbon emissions. Aluminium, steel, concrete and plastic are not produced from renewable sources. Our timber is sustainable, carbon sequestering and natural – it is actually ‘better than carbon neutral’ due to carbon stored during photosynthesis! Further, it is extremely strong, relatively lightweight and looks great!

Not only is timber the only truly renewable building material, all our timbers come from 100% regrown plantation forests that have been independently certified to strict Australian and international standards.

  • All our timber comes from certified 100% regrown plantation forests
  • Just like the Quokka, our popular Jarrah wood is only found in one place in the world: the south-west of Western Australia!
  • Our Tasmanian Oak is from Victoria
  • Our slats and inner support system are made from solid plantation Pine from WA

We are also proud to share that all our timber suppliers adhere to the following wildly recognised certifications:

  • Australian Forestry Standard (AS4708:2013), which is internationally recognised by the Program for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification (PEFC).
  • Further, all suppliers passed international certification for effective Environmental Management Systems (ISO14001:2015).

All the timber we use is 100% Australian from certified plantations across the country. 

  • Jarrah: The Jarrah we use is from a certified plantation in south-west Western Australia
  • Tasmanian Oak: The Oak we use is from a certified plantation in Victoria, Australia
  • Pine: The Pine we use for the slats and inner structure is also from certified plantation in Western Australia

Yes! In fact, just one person is able to set up our Timber Bed Bases in 5-10 minutes!

We’ve designed our beds for a complete ease of assembly, with clip-in brackets that slide into place without the need for any tools.

Check out our Assembly Video above for a detailed look!

Click here for our Assembly Instructions 

We’ve been using the same German brackets for over 20 years with absolutely no issues – they are the tried and tested winner for complete strength and ease-of-use. 

Click here to view our 17-second video of how to construct your bed.

All of our Timber products are finished with a food-safe natural vegetable oil Wood Wax from Osmo, because they’re 100% plant based and food safe, and contains no silicon. This product is a great choice for maintaining furniture in a safe, natural way, that protects and maintains the wood against harmful factors.

Yes! If you’d like to request to leave the timber raw + unfinished, just let us know in the order notes section at checkout. We will sand down the timber, but not add the Wood Wax Oil (as standard). This means you are free to stain the frame however you like. Unfortunately, we cannot do this for you.

*Note: Leaving the timber unfinished can cause the timber to wear down from environmental factors more easily over time. Please use a wood wax or Orange Oil (found at Bunnings) at least every 18 months to 2 years to prolong the life of the wood.

Our Timber Bed Bases in the Standard or Floating design have the following weight dimensions, as compacted in the two packages.

  • Our timber is surprisingly light, and easy to manoeuvre 
  • With packaging, both boxes can vary up to 20-30kg

An updated version of our Bed Base dimensions can be found at the top of this page in the drop-down section ‘Click Here for Specs + Dimensions’.

*Note: The Floating Design have the same internal + external dimensions, but the legs are hidden beneath the frame. This does not impact any weight-bearing capacity and is just as sturdy.

Both the Original and the Floating designs sport excellent durability and structural support. We use thick, solid timber, made to last a lifetime and for all kinds of mattresses – it can even have a weight capacity of 600kg.

Because it is so strong, using pure timber also requires certain manufacturing techniques to ensure it performs properly. When two pieces of timber rub against one another, the friction creates creaks and squeaks. This means that we have designed our frames with very slight gaps between beams – they are unnoticeable and do not impact any structural support.

‘Wobbly’ Headboard?

As mentioned above, its important that timber has sufficient distance between pieces. This means our Headboards will have a fair amount of movement to them. This is completely normal, and never noticeable unless physically shaken back and forth by hand.

Information & Warranty Info PDF

Yes! All our timber bed bases are designed to support the weight and durability of any mattress. We use solid timber pine slats that is known for its extremely strong support.

The construction and material take a great force to bend, and with our timber slats designed wide enough and spaced out narrowly, as well as having a central beam and grounded support, this provides sufficient stability for any mattress. 

We’ve designed our beds to sit flush with the edge of the bed base structure, making it not only easier for changing bed sheets, but stylish and practical.

Although our Timber Bed Bases are designed without a recess and mattresses sit directly on top, we have never encountered any issues related to mattresses (ours and others!) moving around the base while it’s being used. The weight pressure of any mattress is heavy enough to keep it in place and rarely pushed off.

Yes, you can! We can send you 2x Struts and Headboard to attach to your existing base.

We charge the price of the headboard, plus $50 for packaging + postage. Simply contact us and we can arrange delivery (Australia-wide!) or pick-up from our Perth warehouse. You’ll need brackets at the back of your base, so we’ll have to replace your back beam too If you don’t already have brackets there!).

If you purchase a Base Only now, you can selected ‘Add Headboard Brackets’ at Checkout for $20 extra.

Floating Design

  • Hidden Crossbeam beneath the frame rather than two end legs.
  • 30mm side rail thickness.

Original Design

  • No Crossbeam.
  • 20mm side rail thickness.

Both features:

  • Same number of Centrebeams as per frame size.
  • Same frame height (28cm). 
  • Same Headboard dimensions.
  • Same Slat number and dimensions.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are carbon-based chemicals that easily become vapours or gases.

Our Timber Bed Bases are solid wood, not plywood or MDF based. This means that any pure wood itself naturally emits a very low level of VOC’s into the atmosphere, and is not considered severely toxic. Our Hardwax wood oil (Osmo) also has low-VOC content.

We are confident that our Timber Bed Bases will not significantly impact what’s called, ‘Offgassing’ as solid wood naturally emit this as you breathe. 

We are determined to maximise our eco-friendly practices wherever possible. 

*More information can be found here

Unfortunately, we do not make any custom changes to our Timber Bed Base range. This includes changing the height of the legs, HB design or overall increasing the height of the base.

This is because our range is hand-made and designed to prevent against any creaking.

We do consider any suggestions or small changes including HB height. If you’re unsure of something, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

More photos can be found on our Gallery page.

Original Design (Oak) with 15cm Mattress Gap.

Floating Design (Oak) with 22cm Mattress Gap.

With most mattress purchases coming with specific warranty guidelines, just like our own mattresses. Find the following specifications of our bed base that complies with most warranty guidelines: 

  • Slat requirements: no more than 8cm apart (our bed base slats are 3.5cm) 
  • Flat base: our bed bases are completely flat with no adjustments 
  • Central support: our Queen bed bases have one central support with two feet whilst our King bed bases have two central supports with four feet in total
  • Slat width: our slats are 8.5cm in width which will give the proper support any mattress needs 

Mattress warranty guidelines that are supported by Quokka Beds bed bases are as follows: Sleeping Duck Mattress


Backed by over 30 years' of experience

Quokka Beds has been manufacturing bedroom furniture in Perth, Australia for over 30 years with extremely positive feedback. Formerly called Brett’s Beds + Futons, many of Brett’s customers have come back 10 and 20 years later just to say their mattress feels as good as new, and their base is still looking great. Quokka Beds brings true, hands-on experience right to your doorstep. Read more below…

Timber Bed Base

134 reviews

Quokka Beds (All)

225 reviews

Overall rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars from 67 independent reviews:

Edwin B. Avatar
Edwin B.
25/02/20 - ProductReview

Beautifully made, simple, elegant bed base and bedhead. Very happy! We purchased the king size Oak bed base and love it! Beautifully constructed with user in mind and so simple to put together. Was delivered to Queensland from Perth, and the extra humidity caused a little tightness with a couple of slats and joins, but nothing some talcum powder couldn't fix. Happy with delivery process and communications. Thanks Daniel! The base quality also complies with Sleeping Duck's stringent mattress warranty requirements and together the combination is perfect for us. Highly recommended!

Lu Avatar
02/04/20 - ProductReview

A snap to assemble, looks great I love my new bed base. I searched far and wide for a simple and sustainable bed base. This one looked perfect on line and looks perfect in my very small bedroom. I asked my neighbour to help me assemble it, but I'd already done it by the time she arrived ten minutes later.Too easy!

Brigid Avatar
02/04/20 - ProductReview

Easy assembly and beautiful wood Super easy to put together by yourself and a great investment - absolutely silent and very solid! Delivery and communication was relatively fast and customer service very helpful. Would definitely recommend.

Edy Avatar
07/11/19 - ProductReview

Awesome low base timber Quokka bed With such tall mattresses these days it was great to combine with the new quality Oak low timber Quokka bed.
Very easy to assemble and very happy with workmanship and love the finish of the Oak timber :)

jezatperth Avatar
03/04/20 - ProductReview

Excellent. Easy to assemble. Looks great. Very happy with our queen bed base. Solid, looks great (we have the Jarrah look), no creaks at all. The height is perfect. It was easy to put together. I fully recommend it.

AAndo Avatar
28/04/20 - ProductReview

Great quality bed, very happy Great quality attractive bed, feels like it is going to last a lifetime. Much better than our previous cheapie made in China bed which broke after 4 months! Definitely worth spending a bit more money on. We are very happy with our purchase.

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If you’re wanting to keep your product for 10, 20 or 30 years, trust the business that’s been around for longer!

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We are always looking for ways to improve our environmental impact, which is why we switched to our new Organic Cotton Covers as soon as we could – but it meant we have some very good quality stock leftover. Rather than put it to waste, we decided to offer it at a small discount to those who want it. Further, due to worldwide shortages and container delays, we may run out of stock of our Quilted covers, and may only be able to offer other covers for some sizes.

How is the ‘Bamboo’ cover different?

The main difference is our Cotton covers are made of 100% Certified Organic material, although our Bamboo covers were still sustainably sourced and 100% Natural. Both covers feel the same on the latex (acting as a minimal comfort layer to protect and hold the latex in place), both have zips on 3 sides and both are cold-machine washable. However, the Bamboo cover is more stretchy, so it can actually be a little easier to put the mattress together. And you can always switch to a Cotton cover later if you wish, which we would do for half-price (Queen $240 $120 or King $290 $145). Thanks for your support!

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